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With over 60% percent of online traffic coming from mobile devices it is important that you are catering to the needs of your customers by having a website that is user friendly on all devices. For this reason, Mind Your Web Design began making responsive websites and has been for the past 3 years.
Salt Lake City Web Design

Web Design That Helps You Succeed

We recognize the value of your website it is the foundation of your presence online and is where your digital marketing campaign points to. When you hire Mind Your Web Design we first take time to understand what your business goals are, what your competitors are doing and then we discover who your targeted market is.

Web design isn’t just about designing a beautiful site that looks amazing.

Focusing on just aesthetics is like building a house made of sand and then painting it beautifully. Your house will look fantastic, but you won’t be able to live in it and you’ll have a ruined paintbrush!

A house needs well crafted foundations and a good, solid structure. A website is no different whatsoever.

In order for a site to work properly and deliver amazing results, it needs to have the following things incorporated into its design:

  • An attractive appearance and layout
  • An easy navigation (you don’t want your customers getting lost now do you!)
  • An easy to use checkout system (if applicable)
  • Accessibility. As well as accessibility being a legal requirement, it just makes good sense to include everyone when designing a site.
  • Usability.

Did you know that website performance
effects your Google rankings?

We design high performance websites high search engine rankings, high conversion rates and great user experience

We will also incorporate the following:

  • Easy to track results – we install coding that enables us to analyse the performance of the site
  • Content that sells your products and services
  • Search engine friendliness (SEM love!)
  • Any online databases
  • A content management system that enables you to change aspects of your site without needing to be an HTML expert.

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Websites Features

Responsive Websites

Approximately 60% of all internet traffic comes from a mobile device and that number will only increase. Not only are our website attractive on all devices they are user friendly as well.

Landing Pages

This is where make our first impression and get our site visitors to start interacting with our website. A good landing page has all of your best services and or products featured and well placed CTA's

Fast Loading

Having a website that is slow is going to effect your search engine rankings. Studies show that the most people will backspace of your site and click on a competitors site if it hasn't loaded within 8 sec.

Responsive websites are winning in Google search
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We are a blue collar web design company in Salt Lake City. Mind Your Web Design is ranked so high because of our work ethics, we just refuse to be out worked by our competitors and it shows in our work and in our rankings.