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Who are ya? What are ya? AND WHY DO YOU? - HUH?!

I would love to go into detail about our humble begins that took us from Domain Traders to SEM and eventually Web Design. But let me save some of your time right now and just tell you that we got to where we are by out working and out thinking our competitors. That is why we rank #1 and is why if you hire us to develop your project you can expect the same results. 

Mind Your Web Design will work hard every day to meet and exceed your expectations. No Salt Lake City web design company  works harder for their clients than we do. 

Unlimited Website Revisions

We guarantee 100% satisfaction if you are not happy just call and let us know and we will make the necessary adjustments, no questioned asked.

We hope you will give us the opportunity to develop your website.


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Mind Your Web Design

doesn't confuse you with jargon that you don't understand. We explain in a way that you can understand, how Google, Bing and Yahoo's search engines index and rank websites. Just having a website isn't enough, your website has to stand out in search results and be visible for as many Key-Words as possible. Mind Your Web Design, started out as KO-SEM so we have a proven track record of SEM dominance (for nearly 3 years it has dominated Salt Lake City's search results for all SEM related keywords. Every website we launch is built with SEM in mind (all content including media is optimized to rank for the most beneficial key-words.

Hiring an Actual SEM Professional

We get it. We know all about the phone calls and emails you receive from unqualified individuals (mainly foreign SEM and Web Design companies), and the ear and eye-catching marketing garbage they all try to pass off as truth. Many factors go into the the indexing of your site by the search engines. And then there are the ones that claim they can drive traffic to your site. The truth is: Despite what the emails and callers may tell you, there is no secret technique to rank in the search engines. Real Search Engine Marketingtakes hard work, and when optimizing your site it has to be done thoroughly. This takes place in visible elements on your site, technical elements hidden in code, and factors not present on your site at all (backlinking and citations). Mind Your Web Design manages it all. Design, hosting, SEM, PPC, backlinking, copywriting, analytics, blogging, and updates?

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About Us

We are a blue collar web design company in Salt Lake City. Mind Your Web Design is ranked so high because of our work ethics, we just refuse to be out worked by our competitors and it shows in our work and in our rankings.