Make Email Marketing Part of Your Digital Marketing Mix

We've worked with dozens of companies and helped them to get started with email marketing. There is still a perception that email marketing doesn't work or that customers don't open them. We know different! We've put together some hugely successful email marketing campaigns using clients existing databases (always better) or have sourced them on their behalf. Whichever way you want to get started, we can help!

Email Marketing FAQ's

How do you get such good results from email marketing?
  • Excellently written emails with catchy subject lines and copy.
  • An eye-catching design that doesn’t take “no” for an answer!
  • A large email database. We will source databases for you if yours is small.
  • Passion and dedication to make our emails better than anyone else.
How do you know your campaign is going well?
We have an excellent system that quantifies your campaign results brilliantly. Our system will show you:
  • How many emails were sent
  • How many emails were opened
  • How many emails bounced;
  • How many people clicked on the links
  • How many people forwarded the email
  • How many people unsubscribed
  • and much, much more!

This means we can work through the numbers with you to ensure your campaigns get better and better with each send.

How do I get started with email marketing?

Contact Mind Your Web Design now!

Call us at 801-604-5146 to find out how we can help generate some amazing leads for your business.

Your business will never be the same!

Did you know that we are also experts in link building. We do digital better and look forward to showing you our skills.

we can launch an email marketing campaign and analyze your results

Ready to find out more?

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Email Marketing

Looking for an excellent, well converting email marketing campaign?

Well, you have definitely come to the right place!

We’re very accomplished email marketers and have achieved absolutely stellar results from our carefully implemented, excellently written and impressively targeted email marketing campaigns.

This means we can work through the numbers with you to ensure your campaigns get better and better with each send.

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