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And that is exactly why you should hire us for your SEO campaign. Like us, there are a handful of our competitors that are very good at SEO, however Mind Your Web Design has the best overall listings.

So lets say you hire one of my competitors

that is ranked below me then a few months go by and you begin ranking very high in Google and take over that #1 slot, so now your competitors start looking around for SEO services and hire me. Who do you think has the best chances at this point to land those number 1 slots? ME or my competitors that I have already demonstrated an ability to beat in the search engines?

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Any good digital agency knows that there is absolutely no point having an excellently designed website with all of the latest bells and whistles if no one knows about it.

A good site, whether it is an eCommerce site or not, needs ways to be found in Google searches so that even people who do not know about your products and services exist can find them when typing in keywords relevant to the type of service and or products that you provide.

Mind Your Web Design is an excellent Salt Lake City SEO Company and we have years of experience in planning and implementing excellent Search Engine Optimization campaigns.

Why we do SEO better

  • Constant research on SEO
  • Keeping up-to-date on modern SEO theory
  • Access to the best SEO tools around
  • We out work our competitors
  • Thousand's rankings in the top 10 positions in Google
  • We never give up fighting for those #1 listings our website is proof of that

Although there are many SEO companies that claim to have more years experience than we do, we still managed to place our site above them in the search engines and that's the bottom line.

And what that basically tells you is:
  1. that they may be still using the same techniques that they were using way back when they first started and have neglected to do their homework as of late.
  2. Or even worse it could mean that they are just plain lazy. If they can't find the time to promote their own business how much time are they going to spend on yours.

I don't know how many times I have taken over an SEO campaign and heard from the client that they had been paying for SEO for 6 months or more and they were still ranked on page 3 or worse. Never hire a company that does not have multiple 1st page listings or you will likely get excuses rather than good search engine results.

Do I need Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

95% of business begins online whether they are purchasing your products and or services right from your website, scheduling a consultation or they are visiting your website to see what you have and coming to you to do business. In order for you to get traffic on your website they either have to be able to find you in the search engines or they have to learn about you on a social media site like Facebook or Twitter. 65% of online traffic comes from search engines so obviously SEO is by far most effective way to market your business
There are millions of sites on the web probably offering the same things you are. Virtually all of the ones that do well have had some SEO work done. 

How can you optimize my website?

There are basically two kinds of SEO and you need both in order to rank high

  1. On Page SEO: This is the proper placement of keywords that you want to rank for within the content of your website's pages. When placing keywords on your site you have to have the right density each keyword should be worked into the content of your landing page 3-5 times.
  2. Off Page SEO: This is hyper links from other websites that point back to your site. Quality and quantity of back-links is a big part of successful SEO campaigns.

Why you need an SEO professional

There are more things that factor into your sites rankings however on page and off page SEO is the foundation. Some other factors that effect rank are

Website popularity
(how much traffic) we place links on several high traffic sites (Social Bookmarking Websites) that are going to give you traffic and of-course back-links.

How much time people spend on your site
when placing keywords on your site has to be done properly just cramming a bunch of your keywords will not do. Keywords  have to be used in a way that your content is still interesting otherwise your site visitors are going to find one of your competitors websites and that will not do. Not to worry we know how to place keywords within your content and still keep it interesting to readers.

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