How To Market On Twitter

Twitter is an amazing place for bloggers, marketers, and casual (surfers). It really opens the world up to the new blogger and expands the potential to reach a greater audience. Twitter is one of the greatest social media tools for affiliate bloggers.

Things you’ll learn in this article:

  • How to find people in your niche
  • How to gain them as followers
  • How to structure your tweet/profile
  • URL Shortening
  • #’s and @’s
  • How often you should tweet
  • What should be the content of your tweets
  • Favorites & Retweets

How to find people in your niche

With 200 million users on Twitter, you can imagine finding your audience might be hard. But, in reality, it’s actually quite easy. Twitter has many tools to allow you to find users in your niche. The most popular of which are #’s (hashtags).

Twitter users use hashtags in front of a word to let other Twitter users know that, that tweet belongs with a specific keyword. Twitter makes the word a link, and (lumps) all posts with that keyword show up on that page. Users often have conversations in these #’s.

Searching around for hashtags relevant to you should be easy. Start with #blogging and go from there. Once there, start to follow a few people in these hashtags that you are in. The best way to gain followers is to follow others. Most will follow you back.

How to gain them as followers

My biggest tip for gaining followers to start out is to find your competitor’s Twitter account and follow all of their followers. Only about 20% will follow you back, but 20% of 1000 is 200, and 200 followers is a great start. I don’t recommend doing this all the time, as Twitter doesn’t approve. They will restrict your account if you appear as a spammer. Typically if I’m copying a person’s followers I’ll do at max 500 every 3 days, and I will unfollow those who didn’t follow back. To start off Twitter also limits you to 2,000 followers.

How to structure your tweet/profile

Just keep in mind users are unlikely to follow back if you have zero tweets, very low followers, and 200 follows. They are also unlikely to follow you if you don’t have a complete profile. I recommend customizing your twitter profile to the max. It lets people know you are serious. Make sure your description lets people know the niche you’re in and the type of info you will be sharing.

How to tweet:
Now that you know how to get followers, lets start tweeting. Your typical tweet should look like this: thewebproblog: Creating some great content about affiliate marketings. Article should be done soon #affiliate #marketing #blogging

Put your content first, then hashtags at the end. You can do the hashtags the way I showed you or you can do them as the word appears in the tweet.

FOR EXAMPLE: thewebproblog: Creating some great content about #affiliate #marketing. Article should be up soon. Either works.

URL Shortening

To save room in your tweets, you can use URL shorteners like or This helps you keep great SEO rich URLs for your blog and still save room for your tweet.

#’s and @’s

To talk to someone specifically or mention someone in a tweet add an @ in front of their twitter name and it will post to their feed that they were mentioned. A great way to start a convo.

How often you should tweet

Now that you have followers and you want to gain more, you need to keep active. My recommendation is to do what seems natural. Stay productive on your content and your offers. But definitely use it as a microblog. Tweet thoughts about articles. I love reading tweets that are quotes from famous people in my niche, so I also retweet those.
-Tweet often.

Favorites & Retweets

Making sure your tweets are relevant to your followers will start getting you retweeted and favorited. Retweets are pure gold. If someone retweets you, it shows up in their profile feed for all of their followers to see. Talk about free advertising. The goal of all of your tweets should be to get retweets.


Twitter is an amazing and powerful tool for bloggers. It allows you to reach out to your audience and engage them in new and exciting ways. Tweet correctly and you’ll be tweeting your way to the bank.

What are some of your thoughts on twitter and how to use it effectively?

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